You want your website to "just work", but hackers are more common than ever. You need a partner to keep your key business asset "just working" while you run your business.

Websites are not “set and forget” items. Like any valuable business asset, they require ongoing monitoring and maintenance. Without this maintenance, your website could be vulnerable to hackers, experience slow loading times, functionality and even data loss.

Life Digital offers optional maintenance plans to ensure that, once your website has been successfully developed and launched, that it continues to perform well for your business and is protected from known risks. If you choose, Life Digital can also provide ad-hoc update services, as opposed to regular ongoing maintenance.


Standard maintenance plan inclusions and pricing


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Are you hosted with our group account at Kinsta? Because it is easier and faster for us to manage your updates when you are part of our group hosting account with Kinsta, you get a 20% discount off our prices - so maintenance for your site could start from as little as $68+gst per month.

Critical maintenance that every website needs

  • Daily backups
  • WordPress core updates
  • Plugin updates
  • Commercial plugin licenses worth over $500 per annum
  • Monthly testing of one form
  • Monthly update report
  • Email-only support
  • Priority client status

Complete maintenance solution with added monitoring

  • Everything in the essentials PLUS the below items
  • Monthly testing of one form
  • 24/7 security monitoring, malware detection + removal
  • 24/7 uptime monitoring of your website
  • Annual database optimisation

Maintenance, optimisation and content updates

  • Everything in essentials and standard PLUS the below items
  • Website text updates (1 hour/month)
  • Website strategy & advice (30 minutes)
  • Website speed and performance optimisation (annual)
  • SEO performance overview and recommendations (annual)


Standard maintenance plans do not include websites that have e-commerce functionality, custom built functionality, or websites that have additional/untested plugins installed by the client. Please confirm with Life Digital if your website qualifies for the above pricing. All prices are quoted excluding GST and are payable quarterly.

Want to maintain your website yourself?

At Life Digital, we believe in offering you the best option for your business, but sometimes clients want to maintain their own websites.

Sometimes this is to save money, and sometimes it might be because you want to be self-sufficient, or you have a staff member working for you who has the time to dedicate to this.

Whatever your reason, if you are maintaining your website yourself, it is important to know that you are responsible for being proactive with your site maintenance and to keep it running fast, secure and up-to-date.

Hosting providers require you to, as a minimum, ensure WordPress core and plugins are up to date, especially those that have been identified as having a security vulnerability.

Website warranty

Website maintenance agreements are not to be confused with our website warranty which we provided to all websites we build for our clients. As standard, all our new website builds have three months warranty on the website as it was handed over. This means that if you discover an error on your website, we will fix it at no charge.

Warranty does not include feature additions/changes or design changes. It only covers errors. Warranty excludes server/hosting related issues or issues due to changes to the website by the client or third party.

All our maintenance plans are subject to our terms and conditions.

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