Print, signage, digital - if you need it, we can design it! Don’t settle for average artwork, Life Digital can design business cards through to custom illustrations.

At Life Digital, we understand that good design is critical to the success of your business

Compelling brand identity presents any company, any size, anywhere with an immediately recognizable and distinctive professional image that positions it for success.

A strong brand identity will help build brand equity through increased recognition, awareness and customer loyalty, which in turn helps a company become more successful.

Managers who seize every opportunity to communicate their company’s brand value and what the brand stands for are building a precious asset.

  • FACT: Approximately 65 percent of the population are visual learners

  • FACT: The brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text

  • FACT: 90 percent of information that comes to the brain is visual

  • FACT: That means that the way your business is represented visually is critical to being a success!

No matter how large or small your company, professional graphic design can ensure your business is presenting its best.

Life Digital can help you with almost any design need you have

Logos / brands

  • Simple logo development

    Otuput in common formats

  • Complex / custom illustration logos

    Output in common formats

  • Style Guide Development

    A fully developed identity

  • Primary & secondary colour schemes

    PMS, CMYK & RGB equivialents


  • Business cards

    90mm x 54mm or custom

  • Letterhead and stationery

    A4, letter, print or digital

  • Invoices / Receipts

    Digital or print

  • Social Media

    Profile images, cover images + more

  • Templates

    MSWord, PowerPoint

General Promotional

  • Brochures & flyers

    A4, A3, DL, custom size

  • Postcards

    DL & custom sizes

  • Advertisments

    Print & digital

  • Invitations

    A4, DL, custom sizes

  • Covers

    A4 or folder covers

Illustration/ diagrams

  • Custom illustrations

    Several artistic styles

  • Diagrams

    Text, arrows, numbers + more

  • Icons

    For any purpose

  • General graphics

    Quotes, web graphics, social media promo + more


  • Posters

    A4 to A0 or larger

  • Pullup banners

    Any size

  • Shop signage

    External or internal signage

  • Vehicle signage

    Simple or full coverage

  • Event signage

    Banners, posters +more

Large format

  • Book cover + internal layout

    Digital or print

  • Magazines & booklets

    8 pages and up

  • Coffee Table Books

    Promotional or for sale

  • Annual Reports

    For listed companies

  • Catalogues

    A4, DL, custom sizes


  • Book Covers

    Cover only or full jacket

  • Product packaging

    Product packaging and tags

  • Product design

    Graphic design for your product creations

  • Card sets

    Card sets plus box artwork

Social Media & Web

  • Profile & cover images

    Facebook, Google+, Twitter + more

  • Promotional graphics

    For your website or social media page

  • eNewsletter templates

    MailChimp, iContact +more

  • Call to action graphics

    Graphics designed to get action from your customers


  • Manuals

    Workshop manuals, folders, templates + full layout

  • Merchandise

    Pens, mugs, stubby coolers, bar runners + more

  • Unusual requests

    If you need it designed, chances are we can help!

We can organise your printing

We can work with your local printers, or we can arrange the printing for you. Contact us for more details or ask us to include printing in your quote.

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