We put together a few "help" articles to assist you with your business. If there is an area you would like covered, please let us know and we will endeavor to provide the right answers for you.

What is the ideal image to add to a website?

Images are of critical importance to your website. Not only will they help tell your story to your customers, but there are also technical considerations you need to keep in […]

Going it alone – maintaining your own website

Now that you have invested in your website and have it up and running, it is critical that you maintain your website. Building a website is like buying a car. […]

Choosing the right website product – why WordPress

There are many different solutions and products that exist today that you can use to create your website. Each of these solutions have pros and cons and also limitations, so […]

Why is good design so important?

The importance of good design is often overlooked, but well-designed graphics, marketing promotional material, signage, newsletters, websites and print can bring significant benefits to a business. Businesses that do not […]

Going it alone – managing your own hosting account

At Life Digital, when we develop websites for our clients, we offer them hosting on our group account with our hosting provider Kinsta. Through bulk purchasing of space, we are […]

Shared hosting vs managed hosting – what is the difference and why should I care?

Our provider Kinsta provides managed WordPress hosting, whereas cheaper hosting is most likely shared hosting. Managed WordPress hosting gives you added WordPress-specific services and performance tweaks – it is like […]

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